How to engage website via WordPress Quiz Plugin

Online quizzes have advantages in many many aspects. Quizzes are a powerful tool to improve educational skills and enhance your knowledge. Online tests will help you to keep your website visitors more engaged in an entertaining, unique, and fun way. Furthermore, this is one of the most effective tools to make more participants.

What about the WordPress plugin, that provides all the above-mentioned.

Now let’s dive in more deeply, and learn about the best quiz plugin for WordPress.

Why do you need a quiz on your website?

There are numerous ways to use an online quiz and make benefits out of it.
Online quizzes are more enjoyable rather than offline quizzes. This fact makes online tests the number one online education tool.

  • The students will be more engaged in the learning process. Generate assessment quizzes and help students to practice their knowledge, learn more and be more involved in the study process.
  • An advanced-level quiz will attract more participants. Boost the website’s user traffic. Moreover, make the web visitors stay longer on your WordPress website and enjoy their spent time.
  • One of the foremost advantages is the quick results. Not only does the website owner receive quick results, but also the quiz taker. In addition, the real-time and fast results will make the website admin and their participants more connected.
  • Online quizzes can become employers’ number one helper tool. For example, build a Personality test and choose the right candidate for you. You can large the number of our employees easily and quickly. Furthermore, the online quiz will save a lot of time for you.

Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

If after the above-mentioned information you are looking for a quiz creator tool, then read the former. I have a great option for you.

The WordPress best Quiz Maker plugin allows you to generate online quizzes, tests, and exams within minutes. Build fully customizable, advanced-level, and highly engaging unlimited quizzes with unlimited questions and answers. Your website visitors will enjoy the quiz-taking process. Quiz Maker has a responsive design, and a user-friendly interface and will fit any type of screen size.

Make your quizzes more interesting with the help of Quiz Maker’s various question types (Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Text, Short Text, Number, Date).

WordPress quiz plugin is a must-have tool for the marketing team, HR department, Lead Team, Online tutors/teachers/supervisors, etc.

WordPress Quiz Plugin best functionalities

  • Question weights/points. Make complicated quizzes with hard or easy-to-answer inquiries. Set different points for each question. The quiz score will be counted consequently.
  • Copy Content Protection. With this feature, your website content will be fully protected from plagiarism. Moreover, this functionality is perfect for preventing cheating during online exam taking.
  • Send Certificate. After passing the quiz send certificates to succeeded responders. This is a perfect method to motivate the quiz participants and make them always strive for better results.
  • Results with Charts. Display results with responsive charts. Furthermore, you can display the charts for each quiz separately or altogether.
  • Send Mail to User. Grow your marketing list with this functionality. After submitting the quiz send a detailed email to your responder. Add score, duration, report, and personal details.
  • Quiz User Restriction. Define how many times your quiz can be passed. Furthermore, decide who is allowed to pass the quiz. To restrict users in WordPress enable functionalities like “Require to be logged in” and “Ask for a personal code (password)”, and need to have a particular user role.

Go ahead, download the Quiz Maker plugin and find further high-level functionalities to advance your WordPress website.

Quiz Types

  • Personality Quiz 

Create Personality Tests and learn more about your customers. This type of quiz lets your users get the most exact and accurate results about their personalities. Moreover, the Personality Quiz is a perfect method to generate leads.

  • Paid Quiz

The Quiz Maker plugin can become your source of passive income. With the help of Third-Party Integrations like PayPal or Stripe, you can easily build a Paid Quiz. Just choose your preferred payment method and your Paid Quiz is read to be passed.

  • Timer-Based Quiz

Generating this type of quiz will make the quiz takers stay focused only on answering questions. Create an online exam with a countdown timer functionality and prevent the cheating process.

  • Quiz with Leaderboards

Add a leaderboard to your quiz and motivate the participants to be the first. It is worth mentioning, that leaderboards encourage the quiz takers to improve their knowledge skills. In addition, boost user engagement and count your leads.

To Sum Up…

To sum up all the above-mentioned information, I can assuredly say that online quizzes are a super-effective method to improve the website’s user engagement and generate more and more leads. Moreover, make proper insights into the learning and teaching process.

It is time to make sure by yourself, go ahead and try the WordPress best Quiz Maker plugin!

Quick Note: if you still happen to be looking for another way of collecting important insights, customer feedback, or simply engaging your website, you should know that WordPress Survey Plugin allows you to create surveys, questionnaires, product satisfaction quizzes, and many more.

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