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What are the types of Surveys?

Show me a more effective method for data collecting than a highly-engaged online survey. It is a well-known fact, that nowadays online surveys became a must-have tool for researchers. In order to have valuable feedback, you will need a progressive survey, and to generate a well-developed survey you will need a powerful tool with advanced functionalities.

What about a WordPress Survey plugin with numerous progressive features, that will help you to create tons of survey types. Survey types will help you to match every business situation.

Now, let’s find out about the effective features, that will help you to achieve the results you strive for!

Best Survey Plugin for  WordPress

The Survey Maker plugin allows its users to generate unlimited surveys with unlimited questions and sections. Build surveys with responsive designs and an intuitive interface. In addition, the user-friendly interface will engage more participants to pass the survey.


  • Get real-time feedback and learn the real voice of your customers
  • Grow the number of your submissions
  • Always stay customer-oriented
  • Target the right audience for your business
  • Generate leads
  • Bring more user traffic to your website
  • Make the website visitors stay longer on your web page

In addition, online surveys are a perfect method to keep your audience entertained. What is more, make your customers feel special. Provide your potential purchasers with a unique and personalized WordPress experience.

What is Survey best used for?

The Survey Maker is beginner-friendly and easy to use for everyone. Nevertheless, let’s find out for whom exactly the online surveys work best.

This WordPress must-have tool is a perfect fit for different business marketing agents. The Survey Maker is best used for the Marketing team, Lead team, Brand Managers, Project Managers, HR department, Email Marketers, Researchers, Data-Collectors, and other business agents.

Online surveys will help you to hear the real voice of your customers. Survey them, and find out what is their honest opinion about your product. Furthermore, see what excites or vice versa irritates the consumer.  Hence, collect “emotional” data via the WordPress survey form plugin.

As well as, online surveys help you to get more direct feedback. Therefore, you will get more accurate data. Thus, you get valuable information, to use for achieving better results.

By the same token, via online surveys, you can easily collect “comprehensive” data. With the Survey Maker plugin add different types of questions. Add questions like radio, checkbox, dropbox, Linear scale, Star Rating, Paragraph, Short Text, Number, Date, Matrix scale, Yes or No. Furthermore, you can add Name and Email fields. The different types of questions will allow to collect a large variety of data.

What are the types of Surveys?

  • Surveys via Logic Jump (Skip Logic/Branching) are a great method to keep your audience more engaged. Logic Jump functionality will provide a personalized experience to each responder. Ask the right questions and skip the repetitive ones. Irrelevant questions may force the survey taker to leave your website without submitting the questionnaire. Hence, the logic jump will make the responder fully complete the survey.
  • Personalized Results for each survey taker (Surveys with Conditional Results). This type of survey is best for funnel marketing. Group your target audience more exactly. Moreover, provide each survey taker with a unique WordPress experience. Show the personalized results based on their formerly provided answers.
  • Chat Surveys (Conversational surveys). Forget about the traditional survey types. Create chat surveys and win the trust of your customers. This type of survey will make an impression of a live chat. Similarly, the conversational surveys will spice up your website’s interface and provide a more entertaining look.
  • Anonymous Surveys. Want to hear the real voice of your website visitors? The anonymity questionnaire is for you. Make Anonymous Surveys and hear the real voice of your customers. Find out their true opinion. In addition, make your responders feel safe. The feeling of safety will provide you with the most honest and valuable data.
  • Paid Surveys. WordPress Surveys plugin can become your source of passive income. How? The Third-Party Integrations will help you to generate Paid Surveys. Choose your preferred payment method (PayPal or Stripe), and that’s it your Paid Survey is ready to use.
  • Single-Page and Multi-Page surveys. As I have formerly mentioned you can create surveys with unlimited sections and pages. Increase the survey completion rate with multi-paged results. Paging design is more engaging to pass rather than the scrolling design.

To Conclude…

To sum up all the above information, I suggest you to try the Survey Maker plugin. Create your WordPress lead generator tool super easily. Get the most valuable feedback and make the right conclusions. Bring more user traffic to your WordPress web page.

Just a few minutes and ta-da your lead generator tool is ready to shine on your WordPress website.
Sit back and count your leads!

BTW: Did you know that WordPress Quiz Plugin also allows you to create questionnaires, get valuable feedback, and generate leads all in one? So you might also want to check that out!

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